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For the Cornish village, see St Veep.

Saint Veep (also known as Veepe, Veeps, Veepu, Veepus, Veepy, Vepa, Vape, Vapey, Vepe, Vepus, Weep, Wenep, Wepe, Wimp or Wymp; died 6th century) is the Cornish saint after whom the village and parish of St Veep was named. In records the saint appears inconsistently as male or female; the "unusual degree of confusion about the saint's gender suggests that, by the later middle ages, the name was largely that of a place-name rather than a saint with an active cult."[1] as may be the reason for the change in dedication to the parish church of St Veep. Veep may have been a daughter of King Brychan of Brycheiniog who is called Wennap (also Wennapa, Gwennap) or Weneu in Welsh records. His or her feast day is celebrated on 1 July.

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