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Salakos (Greek: Σάλακος) is a village of 350 people on the west side of Rhodes Island. It is 40 km from the capital Rhodes town and 7 km from the North West coast. The village is located on the hills of Mount Prophitis Ilias. Inhabitants are mainly employed in farming, livestock rearing and tourism. The village is located next to a natural spring named Nymph, which is a mythological deity that protected the spring. There is one tourist hotel in the village (also named Nymph), and several restaurants that cater to passing foreign tourist trade and in the summer months many people work in tourist hotels elsewhere. The village is famous for its walnuts, numerous sightseeing walks and its stone-paved and shady square, with fresh spring running water and fig trees.


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Coordinates: 36°17′N 27°56′E / 36.28°N 27.93°E / 36.28; 27.93