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Saleem Safi (Urdu, Pashto: سلیم صافی‎) is a Pakistani journalist, columnist, defence analyst and current affairs talk show anchor.[1][2][3] He has hosted various current affairs programmes in channels such as PTV News, the Pashto-language AVT Khyber and is currently serving as the host of GEO News talk show Jirga.[citation needed] He has written columns for the Daily Jang. Saleem safi also took part in Afghanistan jihad. it was disclosed in his interview with gen(r) Hameed Gul for his TV programme jirga.[4] Safi is the author of Afghanistan, Taliban, Usama Aur Pakistan Ki Deeni Juma’aton ka Kirdar ("Afghanistan, Taliban, Osama and the role of Pakistan's religious parties").[1]


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