Sam Bahour

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Sam Bahour
Sam Bahour (highres).jpg
Born (1964-10-18) October 18, 1964 (age 52)
Youngstown, Ohio, U.S.
Residence Al-Bireh, Palestine
Alma mater Youngstown State University
Occupation Managing Partner of Applied Information Management (AIM)
Spouse(s) Abeer Barghouty (m. 1993)
Children 2

Sam Bahour is a Palestinian-American businessman and entrepreneur who was born to a Palestinian father and Lebanese-American mother. He moved with his family to the Israeli-occupied West Bank in the 1990s following the signing of Oslo Accords to become involved in developing the economy of the future Palestinian state.[1]

Bahour was born in Ohio in 1964 He graduated from Youngstown State University in 1989 with a degree in computer technology, and subsequently worked for several American software firms, before moving to the West Bank in 1995.[2]

Since relocating to the West Bank, Bahour has been involved in numerous business development initiatives. He was part of a group of businessmen who established the Palestine Telecommunications Company. He also founded several private businesses, and was part of a plan to open a Western-style shopping center in the West Bank. In addition, he earned an MBA in a joint program between Northwestern University in Illinois and Tel Aviv University in Israel.

He has voiced support on Twitter for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement.[3]


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