Sam Crawford (pitcher)

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Samuel Crawford
Pitcher / Manager
Born: (1892-04-15)April 15, 1892
Dallas, Texas
Bats: Right Throws: Right

Samuel "Sam" Crawford (born April 15, 1892, date of death unknown) was an American pitcher and manager in baseball's Negro Leagues.

Born in Dallas, Texas, he played in the pre-Negro Leagues for the Chicago American Giants off and on from 1914 to 1917, and became a pitcher and eventually manager of the Kansas City Monarchs [3] and J. L. Wilkinson's barnstorming farm-league team All Nations in 1923.[4]

Crawford left Wilkinson's teams in February 1924 to manage the Birmingham Black Barons.[6]

Post-playing career[edit]

Crawford opened up a news stand, after he left baseball, and made the news in 1955 after he was involved in a shooting. He allegedly shot and killed Pete William DeGraw, telling police that DeGraw came at him in a threatening fashion. Crawford fired shots at DeGraw's friend, who Crawford says had a knife.[7]


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