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Sam Doyle (1906-1985) was an African-American self-taught artist from Saint Helena Island, South Carolina.[1] In his colorful paintings on sheet metal and wood, Doyle recorded the history and people of St. Helena’s Gullah community. He is considered an Outsider artist.[2]

Since his death in 1985, Doyle’s works have continued to command national attention and admiration. His paintings and sculptures are held at a number of national museums and galleries. They include: the American Folk Art Museum, High Museum of Art, Smithsonian American Art Museum, and Los Angeles County Museum of Art.


Born in 1906 on St. Helena, South Carolina, Sam Doyle grew up in the center of region’s Gullah community. The Island located its strong African influence his which arose from West African slaves and their descendants who had lived there for over three centuries, shaped Doyle’s artistic production throughout his career.



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