Sam Tai Tsz Temple and Pak Tai Temple

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Sam Tai Tsz Temple and Pak Tai Temple complex.
Entrance of Pak Tai Temple.

Sam Tai Tsz Temple and Pak Tai Temple is a complex of two temples in Nos.196 and 198, Yu Chau Street, Sham Shui Po, New Kowloon, Hong Kong. It is a place to mainly worship the god Sam Tai Tsz and Pak Tai.

The Sam Tai Tsz Temple is graded as Grade II historic building, while the Pak Tai Temple is a Grade III historic building.[1] The interior of the complex can be explored with Google Street View.

Sam Tai Tsz Temple[edit]

Sam Tai Tsz Temple (Chinese: 三太子宮; Jyutping: saam1 taai3 zi2 gung1) was built in 1898. The temple was built for the god Sam Tai Tsz (also named Na Cha), for his miracle to dissipate an outbreak of plague in 1894 in the area. The god was invited from the temple in Wai Chau by Hakkas.

It is the only temple worshipping Sam Tai Tsz, in Hong Kong.

Pak Tai Temple[edit]

Pak Tai Temple of the complex was built in 1920 by the fishermen living in Sham Shui Po for worshipping Pak Tai, the God of the North.

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