Samar (name)

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Gender Female
Word/name Sanskrit
Meaning "Battlefield Commander", "Evening conversations", "War"
Other names
Related names Samer, Samra

Samar is a Hindu boy name meaning Battlefield Commander originates from an ancient manuscript,Samarangana Sutradhara [1] [2] detailing techniques of warfare and ancient Hindu aeronautics, composed in Sanskrit by King Bhoja in the 11th Century A.D. The work is called Samarangana Sutradhara, or "Battlefield Commander"(sometimes abbreviated "the Samar"). It is also an Arabic given name meaning "evening conversations including Arabic music and poetry".[3] Samar in Arabic is a cognate of the Hebrew name Shamar which means to preserve.[4] Samar is a male/female name in Islamic culture and also means "fruit" or "reward". In Hindi, Samar is a male name and means "war" from the Sanskrit Samara.[5]

People with the surname Samar[edit]

People with the given name Samar[edit]

Places with the given name Samar[edit]

  • Samar, an Island in the Philippine Archipelago


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