Sambhajirao Kakade

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Sambhajirao Kakade
Personal details
Nationality Indian
Political party Indian National Congress
Occupation Politics

Sambhajirao Sahebrao Kakade (born 8 September 1931) is an Indian politician who was elected from Baramati to the 6th and 8th Lok Sabha as a member of the Janata Party.

He has 3 sons Prithviraj, Meghraj and Jairaj. Meghraj Kakade is married to D Y Patil's daughter.

His youngest Daughter in law Mrunalini Kakade contested the 2009 Baramati Lok Sabha election against Supriya Sule.

His Nephew Viraj Babulal Kakade contested the 1998 Baramati Lok Sabha election against Sharad Pawar

His other nephew Satish Kakade and ZP member is one of the influential politician fighting for the rights of farmer in Baramati region

Sambhajirao Kakade and his family are staunch opponent of Sharad Pawar in Baramati.

His father was one of the key founder of the Someshwar Sugar Co-operative factory

He is fondly called Lalasaheb and he is known to be very down to earth person and lives his life like a normal person.

He has guided and mentored lot of politicians from Pune region