Samuli Ponsimaa

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Samuli Ponsimaa
Masters of Rock 2007 - Finntroll - Samuli Ponsimaa - 01.jpg
Samuli Ponsimaa during Finntroll concert on Masters of Rock 2007 festival.
Background information
Also known as Skrymer
Born 08/26/1977
Origin Finland
Genres Folk metal, Death metal
Instruments Guitar

Samuli "Skrymer" Ponsimaa is the guitarist in Folk Metal band Finntroll. He joined the band in 1998 following the demo Rivfader and has stayed with the band ever since. He is also an artist, and has designed all of the artwork for Finntroll, such as Cover and Booklets, Stage Scenery and Outfits, Merchandise and more. He did the coverartwork for two Glittertind albums Evige Asatro and Til Dovre Faller. He has an artwork profile on Facebook and he also work as a tattoo artist in Essen. He plays Gibson Guitars. Mostly the Gibson Les Paul. In 2009 he and fellow Finntroll member Mathias Lillmåns formed the Death Metal band Decomposter, in which he plays the guitar.[1]