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Procession in Sanabis, on the Day of Ashura

Sanabis (Arabic: سنابس‎‎ Sanābis) is a village located in the Kingdom of Bahrain, in the suburbs of the capital city, Manama.


The definition of the word "Sanabis" is disputed, with the most popular view being is that members of the Sunbus tribe which traces its origins to the Qahtanite Tayy tribe migrated from Khobar to Qatif and Bahrain and the areas that they settled in were named Sinbas after the tribe's name but which later became known as Sanabis. [1]


Sanabis is traditionally seen as a commercial centre alongside Seef and the Central Business District, this is evident due to the presence of multiple skyscrapers and malls.[2] Native villagers from Sanabis are noted to have had a distinct accent.[3]

The village, along with other villages in the country, is also the site for Muharram processions on the Day of Ashura, which occur annually.


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Coordinates: 26°14′N 50°33′E / 26.233°N 50.550°E / 26.233; 50.550