Sandomierz Cathedral

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Sandomierz Cathedral
Sandomierz Cathedral, interior
Blood libel painting

Cathedral Basilica of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Sandomierz (Polish: Bazylika katedralna Narodzenia NMP w Sandomierzu) is a gothic cathedral constructed in 1360. Renovated in the baroque style in the 18th century, and received the rank of cathedral in 1818.

Blood libel paintings[edit]

This cathedral contains a series of paintings built into the church's wooden panelling depicting the Martyrologium Romanum. The third painting shows the scene which, it is claimed:[1] "...depicts ritual murders committed in Sandomierz by Tatarians on Christian children". The inscription next to the painting reads filius apothecarii ab infidelibus judeis sandomiriensibus occisus (son of an apothecary, killed by infidel Sandomierz Jews) [2]


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