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Sandra Hochman (born 1936 in New York City) is an American poet, novelist, and documentary filmmaker.


She graduated from Bennington College in 1957 and studied at the Sorbonne. She was poet-in-residence at Fordham University, and City College of New York.[1]

In 1959, she married Israeli violinist Ivry Gitlis. In 1966 she married Harvey Leve, lawyer for the U.S. consulate in Hong Kong. They had a daughter, the writer Ariel Leve, in 1968 and divorced in 1970.[2]

Her work appeared in The New Yorker.[3] She was a columnist for Harpers Bazaar. Created her own foundation, "You're an Artist Too" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to teach poetry and song writing to children ages 7–12. She ran this program for 15 years. She lives in an Upper East Side Manhattan apartment.




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Plays Performed in Workshops

The Clown Woman (music by Galt MacDermot)

Walking Papers (music by Gary William Friedman)

The Sandancer (music by Galt MacDermot)

Vaudeville Jive (music by Gary William Friedman)

Explosion of Loneliness (music by Galt MacDermot)

The Whore and the Poet (music by MacDermot, Friedman & Green)

Custody (music my Marsha Singer)

Watercolor Girl (music by Marsha Singer)

Elvis Unbound (music by Rob Stoner)

Rubirosa (music by Gary Kupper)

Timmy the Great (music by Gary Kupper)

The Secrets of Mrs. Shakespeare (music by MacDermot & Friedman)


  • Year of the Woman (1973).


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