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The current logo of Sano

Sano (Hebrew: סנו‎‎) is a detergent products manufacturer in Israel that was founded in 1959 by Bruno Landesberg. The Latin word sano means "to heal".

History of Sano[edit]

In 1952, Bruno Landesberg immigrated from Romania and began working in the accounting department at Rafael. After a few years, he began working in sales at the Kadima Chemicals Corporation, a cleaning products manufacturer. In 1959, Landesberg took advantage of a takeover of 'Kadima' to purchase the distribution line and founded the 'Southern Marketing Company'. The first year, the company distributed products of 'Vitco Fertilizers'. A year later, Landesberg decided to begin independent production and started pioneering a brand that would include all of his products under one name - Sano. The first 'Sano' product was toilet bowl cleaning powder.

After completing Economics and Commerce studies at Harvard University, Landesberg returned to Israel and opened a factory in Bat Yam. At the time, Sano had only four employees, one machine and three products. In 1963, Sano began selling 3M Scotch-Brite, a move that was profitable. In 1969, the company began producing mosquito repellant, cockroach control, and an air freshener named 'Sano Fresh'. In 1972, the company moved the factory to Hod Hasharon where it has since expanded and operates its main distribution center and factories.

In 1982, Sano made its first initial public offering on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Two years later, Sano opened a new factory in Bnei Brak and started manufacturing disposable diapers named 'Litufim'. In the 1990s, the company began its overseas expansion by exporting to Europe and entering into a partnership to manufacture detergents in China. In 1996, Sano stopped marketing Vitco products and instead came out with a new line of its own.

Sano today[edit]

As of 2009, Sano has over 1400 employees and markets over 600 products. Total sales reach approximately $300 million per year. Sano is the leading detergent products manufacturer in Israel. Sano exports to many countries including Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, Moldova, the UK, and many others.[1]


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