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Sant is a Sanskrit-origin word, which describes someone who has achieved "divine truth", or a "realized soul". In common terms, it refers to a wise or knowledgeable person who has a good understanding of Dharam or religion. It may also refer to the following :


  • Alfred Sant (born 1948), Maltese politician
  • Andrew Sant (born 1950), English born Australian poet
  • David Sant (born 1968), Spanish English actor and voice actor
  • James Sant (1820–1916), British painter specializing in portraits in oils



  • Sant, religious, mystical and spiritual designation of a high level of consciousness a human being has realized, ie. God Realized. As an honorific term, sant indicates one who is revered in Indian culture for his or her spiritual ascent - knowledge of "self, truth, reality" and as a "truth-exemplar".
  • Catalan word meaning Saint, as in


  • Sant tree (Acacia nilotica), a tree species found in Africa

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