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Santa Clara Valley Athletic League or SCVAL a high school athletic conference part of the CIF Central Coast Section of the California Interscholastic Federation.[1] Its 14 member schools are in the northern part of the Santa Clara Valley. Each sport is divided into two leagues based on strength. The De Anza League is for stronger teams and El Camino League is for weaker teams.[2]


The SCVAL was established in 1973 and had 13 founding members: Awalt, Buchser, Cupertino, Fremont, Homestead, Los Altos, Lynbrook, Monta Vista, Mountain View, Peterson (closed 1981), Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Wilcox. In 1974 the league decided to split into the two divisions based on strength. In 1976, Saratoga transferred from the West Valley Athletic League (WVAL) to the DAL. In 1981 Sunnyvale High School closed and St. Francis joined the Girls Division. Around 1982, Mt. View High School closed its Castro Street and the name transferred to the Awalt High School building. The same year, Santa Clara closed the downtown location which became Buchser Middle School, and the Santa Clara High School name transferred to the Buchser High School location. In 1981, Peterson was converted into a Middle School. In 1988 Los Gatos joined the DAL, also leaving the WVAL. In 2002 St Francis left the DAL to join the West Catholic Athletic League (WCAL).


Football divisions for 2018[3][4]

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