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Santiago Pozo

Santiago Pozo is a Spanish American film producer, writer, director and marketing executive. In 1988, he founded Arenas Entertainment, LLC.


Pozo was born in Madrid, the son of a baker. He became interested in film making as a teenager.[1]


Since the early 1980s, Pozo has been involved in the distribution of Spanish-language films to the American market. In 1983, he moved to Los Angeles where he was employed as a cleaner in city buildings. He was then retained as a production assistant by Jose Luis Borau, a film maker. In 1984, having received a Fulbright scholarship from the Spanish-North American committee, Pozo enrolled in the Peter Stark producing program at The University of Southern California. In 1985, he took an internship at Universal Studios and with his enthusiasm for supplying the Hispanic market, was employed at the studios as director of special markets.[2]

Arenas Group[edit]

In 1987, Pozo resigned from Universal Studios and founded Arenas Group, a film marketing company[3][4] By 1997, Pozo was using the '360' marketing method, where a brand is presented to the customer at all points of contact.

Arenas Entertainment[edit]

In 2001, Pozo founded Arenas Entertainment, a studio to produce and distribute Latino films to the Hispanic market in the US. He received support from Marco Polo, a Spanish risk and capital management firm, and from Marc Shmuger, the vice chairman Universal Pictures.[5] In 2002, Pozo's company was engaged to make the international distribution of Empire.[6] In the same year, Pozo produced Imagining Argentina. In 2004, Pozo distributed the film, Nicotina.[7] Pozo's partnership with Universal Pictures finished but continued with Marco Polo.


In 2001, Pozo successfully lobbied the City of Los Angeles to add the Spanish language tilde (Ñ) to street signs where required.[8]



  • Los Primeros Metros (1980)



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