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Sao Seng Suk, Prominent Shan leader also known as Khun Kyar Nu (Born in 1935 - died 13 August 2007). Sao Seng Suk was the sixth son of Shan leader Khun Kyaw Pu, who signed the Panglong Agreement in 1947. In 1959, he joined the Noom Suk Harn Shan revolution (SSIO & SSIA) and in 1960 became the commander of the Shan State Army’s third brigade.

He later became chairman and commander in chief of the Shan State Progress Party, Co-founded Shan State Organization, Co-founded Shan Democratic Union and elected the 1st President of Shan State Constitutional Drafting Commission before becoming involved in the Ethnic Nationalities Council.Prominent Shan leader Sao Seng Suk, or Khun Kyar Nu, died at about 4pm at a hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand on Monday [13 August 2007] aged 72 following a lengthy battle with lung disease.

Sao Seng Suk is survived by his wife, Nang Layen and three sons, a daughter


Democratic Voice of Burma interview with U Shwe Ohn, who was involoved Pang Long agreement.[1]

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