Sarajevo City Center

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Sarajevo City Center
Logo of the Sarajevo City Center.png
General information
Location Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Coordinates 43°51′19.38″N 18°24′27.69″E / 43.8553833°N 18.4076917°E / 43.8553833; 18.4076917
Construction started 28 October 2008
Completed April 2014 (shopping center)
Ongoing (hotel complex)
Antenna spire None
Top floor 74 m (243 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 18 (5 underground storeys)
Lifts/elevators ?
Design and construction
Architect Sead Gološ et al., Grupa Arh d.o.o.
Main contractor ANS Drive d.o.o.

Sarajevo City Center (SCC) is a construction project in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, that consists of three main parts: a state-of-the-art shopping mall and leisure complex, a five star hotel tower and a commercial offices tower, with a common parking area.[1]

The building site is located in Marijin Dvor neighborhood, close to the centers of public administration, as well historical (museums), educational (campus of the state university) and business (UNITIC, Avaz Twist Tower and similar).[1] The public transportation is also in its vicinity which enables one to reach the old town of the city in about five minutes.[1]

With a total constructed area of 105,410 square meters (1,134,600 sq ft), it is the largest commercial business attraction in Bosnia and Herzegovina after completing in early 2014.

Shopping and entertainment center[edit]

The Shopping Mall & Entertainment Complex is spread upon 49,500 square meters (533,000 sq ft) with focus set to bring many international brands to its halls.[2] Turk Mall is in charge of space leasing and mall management.[2]

The entertainment center is situated on the third and fourth floor, while more than 15 restaurants are planned with more than 550 seats.[2]


The Hotel will have 224 rooms on 13,900 square meters (150,000 sq ft) and will be run by Shaza Hotels, an independent five-star hotel operator supported by affiliation with Kempinski Hotels.[3]


The parking will have more than 1100 parking places on four underground floors and each floor will be individualized by a different pastel color set and lightning.[4]


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