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Sarjana Muda was Iwan Fals solo debut album, following two albums as part of the group Amburadul, and some comedy songs released on various compilations. It was released in 1981 on the Musica label.

It was named as number 27 of 'The 150 Greatest Indonesian Albums of All Time' by Indonesian Rolling Stone magazine. It featured high production standards, as Musica had identified Iwan Fals' talents from his existing recordings, and were willing to invest in the album. Guest stars on the album include Idris Sardi, wh played violin on Guru Oemar Bakrie, while Jazz violinist Luluk Purwanto plays throughout the album, a role that she reprised on the album's follow-up, 'Opini'.

The album contains many of Iwan Fals most popular songs, and contains mostly wistful ballads, but also the lively country and western-style Guru Oemar Bakri and blackly comic 'Ambulance Zig Zag'.

Iwan Fals' early influence from Bob Dylan is evident in the richly descriptive documentary lyrics, and also in the heavy use of harmonica. The album also features country-style banjo and violin.

Track listing[edit]

1. Sarjana Muda - ('Graduate')

The story of an unemployed university graduate
'A young man walks/His worn jacket on his shoulder' ... 'Restlessly looking for work' ... 'Four years you wrestled with books/To guarantee your future' 'From the hopeful office door/Rang the words "No Vacancies"' 'Half broken, in despair. Sorry Mum'

2. Guru Oemar Bakri - About Oemar Bakri, a (presumably fictional) old-fashioned teacher, who has spent forty years devoted to teaching:

'Oemar Bakri Oemar Bakri
Banyak ciptakan menteri - Made a lot of ministers
Oemar Bakri
Profesor dokter insinyurpun jadi - Professors, doctors, engineers too
(Bikin otak orang seperti otak Habibie) - Made a brain like that of Habibie
Tapi mengapa gaji guru Oemar Bakri - So why is Oemar Bakri's salary
Seperti dikebir - Being castrated [cut]?'

3. Hatta - A memorial for the recently deceased Indonesian revolutionary hero and politician Mohammad Hatta

4. Doa Pengobral Dosa

5. Si Tua Sais Pedati (The Old Ox Cart) - A narrative about an old ox-drawn cart, that requires no fuel and creates no pollution.

6. Ambulance Zig Zag - A black comedy, previously released on the comic album Canda Dalam Nada. It tells the tale of a rich woman, brought into hospital by ambulance, and sped into the treatment room. It then contrasts this with the treatment of a poor patient

Tanpa basa basi - This is no lie
Ini mungkin sudah terbiasa - Perhaps it is no surprise
Tak lama berselang - Not long ago
Supir helicak datang - A helicak driver arrived
Masuk membawa korban yang berkain sarung - Bringing a victim wrapped in a sarong
Suster cantik datang - The pretty nurse came
Mau menanyakan - She wanted to talk
Dia menanyakan data si korban - She wanted to ask the patient's details
Di jawab dengan - He replied
Jerit kesakitan - Screaming in pain
Suster menyarankan bayar ongkos pengobatan - Nurse said to pay the cost of treatment
Ai sungguh sayang korban tak bawa uang - Sadly the victim did not bring money
Suster cantik ngotot - Pretty nurse is adamant
Lalu melotot - Then glared
Dan berkata “Silahkan bapak tunggu di muka!” - And said "Please, Sir, wait in the front!'
Hai modar aku - Hi, I'm dying
Hai modar aku - Hi, I'm dying
Jerit si pasien merasa kesakitan - Screamed the patient in pain

7. 22 Januari

8. Puing (Debris) - An song about the horrors of war.

9. Yang Terlupakan (aka "Denting Piano") - (The Forgotten)

10.Bangunlah Putra Putri Pertiwi (Awaken Sons & Daughters of the (mother)land) - A nationalistic song referencing three aspects of Indonesian national identity, Garuda, the winged bird, Pancasila, the national philosophy, and the Indonesian flag

'Terbanglah garudaku' = Fly, my Garuda
'Singkirkan kutu kutu di sayapmu' = Remove the fleas from your wings
'Berkibarlah benderaku' = Flutter, my flag
'Singkirkan benalu di tiang kamu' = Remove the parasitic plant from your pole
'Hei jangan ragu dan jangan malu' = Hey, don't hesitate, and don't be shy
'Tunjukkan pada dunia' = Show the world
'Bahwa sebenarnya kita mampu' = That we can do it