Sarrià (Barcelona–Vallès Line)

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Barcelona Metro rapid transit station
Metro del Vallès commuter rail station
Estació de Sarrià.JPG
Location Via Augusta,
Coordinates 41°23′55″N 2°07′31″E / 41.3986°N 2.12528°E / 41.3986; 2.12528Coordinates: 41°23′55″N 2°07′31″E / 41.3986°N 2.12528°E / 41.3986; 2.12528
Owned by Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya
Structure type Underground
Other information
Fare zone 1 (ATM)
Opened 1863
Rebuilt 1974
Preceding station   FGC.svg FGC   Following station
L6 Terminus
Terminus L12
toward Rubí

Sarrià is a railway station located under the Via Augusta at Carrer de l'Hort de la Vila in the Sarrià neighbourhood of the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district of Barcelona. It is served by lines L6 and L12 of the Barcelona Metro, and by lines S1, S2, S5 and S55 of the Metro del Vallès commuter rail system. All these lines are operated by Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya, who also run the station.[1]

Sarrià station is the junction point between Barcelona Metro line L6 to Reina Elisenda, and the Metro del Vallès lines to Sant Cugat, Terrassa and Sabadell. During off-peak periods it is served by lines L6, S1 and S2, all of which run through to Plaça de Catalunya station. In peak periods additional through service is provide by lines S5 and S55, but in order to provide capacity for this in the tunnel to Plaça de Catalunya, many peak L6 service simply shuttle between Reina Elisenda and Sarrià.[1][2][3]

The station has four tracks, with three island platform between them, and three accesses. The western pair of tracks are used by L6 trains to and from Reina Elisenda, whilst the eastern pair are used by trains on lines S1, S2, S5 and S55. The two pairs of tracks join in a flat junction just to the south of the station.[1][3]

The first Sarrià station opened in 1863 and was situated at ground level. The current station was opened in 1974. It's expected to become part of the central section of TMB double line L9 & L10.[1]

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