Sarv-e Abarkuh

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Coordinates: 31°7′21.3″N 53°16′47.05″E / 31.122583°N 53.2797361°E / 31.122583; 53.2797361

Sarv-e Abar Kuh
Sarv-e Abarqu
Sarv-e Abar Kuh was the second oldest living tree in the world Yazd Province, Iran.

The Cypress of Abarkuh (Persian: سرو ابرکوه‎‎ Sarv-e Abarkuh), also called the Zoroastrian Sarv, is a Cupressus sempervirens tree in Abarkuh in Yazd Province of Iran. It is protected by the Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran as a national natural monument and is indeed a major tourist attraction with a height of 25 metres and circumference of 18 metres. It is estimated to be over four millennia old and is likely the second-oldest living thing in Asia.[1]

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