Savelugu-Nanton District

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Savelugu-Nanton District
Districts of Northern region
Districts of Northern region
Savelugu-Nanton District is located in Ghana
Savelugu-Nanton District
Savelugu-Nanton District
Savelugu-Nanton District in Northern region
Coordinates: 9°24′N 0°28′W / 9.400°N 0.467°W / 9.400; -0.467
Region Northern Region
Capital Savelugu
 • District executive Abdullah Red
 • Total 1,790 km2 (690 sq mi)
Population (2013)
 • Total
Time zone Greenwich Mean Time (UTC+0)
 • Summer (DST) GMT (UTC)
ISO 3166 code GH-NP-SN


The Savelugu-Nanton District is one of the twenty (20) districts in the Northern Region of Ghana.[1] Its capital is Savelugu. The district has 149 communities of which five are area councils aside Savelugu being the capital. The area councils are Nanton, Pong-Tamale, Diare, Moglaa and Tampion. The population of this district according to the 2000 population census was 91,415 having a growth rate of 3%. 109,442 was the projected population as at March 2006 with its breakdown being 49% male and 51% female with a land area of 1790.7 km2.

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Coordinates: 9°37′26″N 0°49′41″W / 9.624°N 0.828°W / 9.624; -0.828