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District Capital
CountryFlag of Ghana.svg Ghana
RegionNorthern Region
DistrictNanumba North District
650 ft (198 m)

Bimbilla is the capital town of Nanumba North District, a district in the Northern Region of Ghana, located in the East of the region, and is near the Oti River.[1]


Bimbila was founded by Naa Mnantambo (son of Na Gbewa) after moving south from his brother Sitobu who founded the present day Dagomba state. The new state was subsequently called Nanung which came from the Dagbani words "Na" ( King or Chief) and "Nua" ( Hand).[1] Na Sitobu is said to have pointed his hand south and Na Mnatambo and his followers went in the direction indicated by the hand. So "Na Nua" (The King's hand) became Nanumba.[1] Among the towns created in the early periond around 1350 were Nakpa, Bakpaba, Joanayili, Dokpam, Chamba, Gbingbalga, Darayili, and Wulensi all Nanumba towns in northern Ghana.[1] Salaga was a later addition which was taken by the Gonja and turned into a commercial capital. Bimbila was attacked and burnt down by the German colonial army on 29 November 1896 as precursor to the great battle of Adibo against the Dagomba army.[1] Today Bimbila is district capital of the Nanumba North district.[1]


It has a teachers training college set up by the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in 1962; One secondary school and one Vocational training School which service many small villages/towns.


Bimbila is connected by road to the towns of Salaga and Yendi. A road to Nkwanta is being funded $50 million by the European Union.[2]


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Coordinates: 8°51′N 0°4′E / 8.850°N 0.067°E / 8.850; 0.067