Sawblade (Gangrene EP)

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Sawblade EP
Sawblade EP.jpg
EP by Gangrene
Released November 2, 2010
Recorded 2010
Genre Hip Hop
Length 25:13
Label Decon
Producer The Alchemist, Oh No
Gangrene chronology
Sawblade EP
Gutter Water
The Alchemist chronology
Chemical Warfare
Sawblade EP
Gutter Water (With The Alchemist, as Gangrene)
Oh No chronology
Dr. No's Ethiopium
Sawblade EP
Gutter Water (With Oh No, as Gangrene)
Singles from Sawblade EP
  1. "The Sickness"
    Released: November 1, 2010

The Sawblade EP is an EP by hip-hop duo Gangrene, prior to their debut album Gutter Water. The EP consists of 4 non-album tracks as well as the instrumentals. True to its name, the vinyl die is cut to the likeness of a circular saw blade.[1]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. "The Sickness" Oh No 2:54
2. "Operating Room" The Alchemist 3:33
3. "Freshest Rhymes" The Alchemist 3:34
4. "Overdose" Oh No 2:34
5. "The Sickness" (Instrumental) Oh No 2:54
6. "Operating Room" (Instrumental) The Alchemist 3:33
7. "Freshest Rhymes" (Instrumental) The Alchemist 3:34
8. "Overdose" (Instrumental) Oh No 2:34