Schnabelwaid–Bayreuth railway

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Schnabelwaid–Bayreuth railway
Route number: 512, 860
Line number: 5001
Line length: 18.2
Track gauge: 1435
Maximum speed: 140
from Nuremberg Hbf(Nuremberg–Cheb)
0.0 Schnabelwaid (472 m)
to Cheb(Nürnberg–Cheb)
5.6 Creußen (Oberfr) (434 m)
9.1 Red Main(90 m)
9.7 B 2 and B 85
9.8 Neuenreuth (b Creußen)
12.2 A 9
15.4 B 2 and B 85
16.6 from Hollfeld(Bayreuth–Hollfeld, Kreuzstein junction)
17.2 B 22(40 m)
17.8 B 2 and
17.8 Red Main(110 m)
from Weiden (Oberpf)(Weiden–Bayreuth)
18,2 Bayreuth Hbf (344 m)
to Weidenberg(Bayreuth–Warmensteinach)
to Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg(Bayreuth–Neuenmarkt)

The Schnabelwaid–Bayreuth railway is an 18.2 km long single-track main line from Schnabelwaid via Creußen to Bayreuth in the German state of Bavaria. It is part of the Saxon-Franconian trunk line (German: Sachsen-Franken-Magistrale).


The line was built as a continuation of the Pegnitz Valley Railway from Nuremberg to Pegnitz to provide a direct connection from Bayreuth to Nuremberg that was shorter than the branch line opened in 1853 from Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg on the Ludwig South-North Railway. It was opened on 15 July 1877.


The line branches off the Nuremberg–Cheb line at Schnabelwaid station and runs north next to highways B 2 and B 85 and the Red Main river to Bayreuth.

Just south of Bayreuth station the line crosses the valley of the Red Main on a 1.5 km-long embankment. On this embankment to the east of the Schnabelwaid–Bayreuth line is the parallel track of the Weiden–Bayreuth line. The two tracks cross the B 22 (Wieland-Wager Straße), the Bayreuth mill canal and finally, just before the entrance to Bayreuth station, the B 2 (Albrecht-Dürer Straße) and immediately afterwards the Red Main.

Line standards[edit]

The route is single track for its entire length and has passing places for trains at Creußen and Neuenreuth stations. The line has a maximum speed of 140 km/h.


Franken-Sachsen-Express Interregio-Express services operates on the line, using class 612 diesel multiple units (DMUs), from Nuremberg to Bayreuth, and then on to Hof, Chemnitz and Dresden. In addition, Regional-Express services operate from Nuremberg to Bayreuth with class 610 and 612 DMUs and Regionalbahn services operate on the line with class 628 DMUs for school services.


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