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For the basketball player, see Scott English (basketball).
Scott English
Born Sheldon David English
(1943-01-10) January 10, 1943 (age 73)
Brooklyn, New York, United States
Residence London, England
Nationality American
Employer Warner Brothers, EMI
Notable work "Hi Ho Silver Lining", "Brandy", "Bend Me, Shape Me", "Help Me Girl"
Style Pop
Religion Jewish
Children Jonathan English, Roxanna Kennedy
Parent(s) Ida English (deceased), Harold English (deceased)
Relatives Woody Mann (blues musician)

Scott English (born Sheldon David English, January 10, 1943) is an American songwriter and record producer. He is best known as the co-writer of "Brandy" with Richard Kerr.[1] This song became a #1 hit for Barry Manilow in 1974 under the revised title of "Mandy". English had also released a single of "Brandy", which reached #12 in the UK Singles Chart in November 1971[2] and entered the US charts in March 1972.

Life and career[edit]

English was born in Brooklyn, New York, United States.

In 1960, he released his first single, "4,000 Miles Away," on Dot Records.[1] In 1964, English had a regional doo-wop hit called "High on a Hill",[1] written by Frank Cariola and A. Mangravito.[3] "High on a Hill" has consistently been voted an all-time top song on oldies radio stations in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. It also reached #3 in popularity on the San Francisco Bay Area radio charts.[4]

With Larry Weiss, he wrote "Bend Me, Shape Me", which became a hit for the Chicago-based band The American Breed, reaching #5 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1968; it was also a hit in the UK for Amen Corner. This song had been recorded a year earlier by The Outsiders as an album track on The Outsiders In (1967).

English and Weiss also penned Eric Burdon and the Animals "Help Me Girl" (1966), which was also released as a single in the 1960s by The Outsiders, Lynne Randell's "Ciao Baby" (1967) and Jeff Beck's hit "Hi Ho Silver Lining" on which English was also producer. He produced the song "West Virginia" By: The Elves in 1969 which featured Ronnie James Dio on bass and vocals. He later produced Thin Lizzy's eponymous debut album Thin Lizzy (1971).[5][6]

In 1998, English was credited as a co-writer with Simon Stirling and Phil Mankiza on the UK entry in the Eurovision Song Contest, "Where Are You?," performed by Imaani.

In 2011 he married Elfie Redburn.

In 2014 Scott English appeared on BBC Radio London's Jo Good show, debuting a new song 'Holla' he wrote for artist WestWay Beats [7]



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Al Wilson: All For You 1973

Alan Parsons: One Day To Fly 1996

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Sarah Kreuz: Gipsy Girl 2009

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Scott English: Ballad Of The Unloved 1972

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Scott English: Camp Followin' Rosie 1973

Scott English: Dance ('Till You're Out Of My Life) 1978

Scott English: Dark Eyed Daughter Of Love 1973

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Scott English: He Was Me He Was You 1972

Scott English: Mobile 1973

Scott English: Moonlight Lady 1974

Scott English: Rescue Man 1973

Scott English" Something's Missin' In My Life 1974

Scott English" Stay 1978

Scott English: Waterfall Woman 1971

Slade: Hi Ho Silver Lining 1985

Spike [UK]: The Brooklyn Bridge 2014

Spike [UK] / Bonnie Tyler: Fortune 2014

Steve & Albert: Follow The Bouncing Ball 1970

Syria: Manca di te 2000

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Westway Beats: Holla 2014

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