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Scott James Remnant
SJ Remnant.jpg
Born (1980-07-18) 18 July 1980 (age 42)
Sussex, England
OccupationSoftware engineer

Scott James Remnant (born 18 July 1980) is an open source software engineer. Scott served as a long-time Debian developer until 2006 and worked as "Ubuntu Developer Manager" on the Ubuntu Linux distribution[1] at Canonical Ltd. He now works at Google as a Technical Lead on Bluetooth Systems.[2]


  • Ran the Linux humor website[3]
  • While a Debian developer, Scott maintained several important packages, notably libtool and dpkg
  • Is the author of the Upstart initialization system
  • Developed the Planet weblog aggregation system
  • He served on the Ubuntu Technical Board until October 2011

Personal life[edit]

Scott is openly gay, and believes it important to be open about it to support others in the open source community.[4]


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