Scott Lithgow

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Scott Lithgow
Industry Shipbuilding
Fate Merged into British Shipbuilders (1977)
Acquired by Trafalgar House (1984)
Founded 1967
Defunct 1993
Headquarters Port Glasgow and Greenock, Scotland
Parent British Shipbuilders (1977-1983)
Trafalgar House (1983-1993)
Subsidiaries Scotts Shipbuilding and Engineering Company
Greenock Dockyard Company
Ferguson Shipbuilders

Scott Lithgow, Limited was a Scottish shipbuilding company.


The Company was formed in 1967 by the merger of Scotts Shipbuilding and Engineering Company and Lithgows.[1] Scott Lithgow was based in Port Glasgow and Greenock on the lower Clyde in Scotland. Scott Lithgow was nationalised and subsumed into British Shipbuilders in 1977.[1] Reorganisation of Scott Lithgow in 1981 saw all the assets of its subsidiary companies transferred under the direct operational control of Scott Lithgow.[1]

From 1980, the company became the centre of British Shipbuilders’ Offshore Division and it was hoped that the offshore semi-submersible market would lead the yard back to profitability. However the Ocean Alliance semi-submersible construction was a disastrous contract for the company, with the rig eventually delivered four years late and at a loss of over £200 million.[2]

In 1984 Trafalgar House bought the company and the Company ceased to trade in 1993.[1]


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