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Scouting in Tasmania, a state of Australia, began in 1908 with several separate associations operating in the early years including the Chums Scout Patrols, League of Boy Scouts, Girl Peace Scouts, British Boy Scouts and YMCA Scouts. These were later joined by The Boy Scouts Association, The Girl Guides Association and Life-Saving Scouts and Life Saving Guards of the Salvation Army.[1][2] Some local groups of Scouts moved between associations. There has also been representation by the Baden-Powell Scouts' Association with a group of scouts in Devonport under Alan Richmond, OAM affiliating in May 1984.[3]

Scouting and Guiding in Tasmania is now predominantly represented by Scouts Australia's Tasmanian Branch and Girl Guides Tasmania, a member organisation of Girl Guides Australia.

Scouts Australia, Tasmanian Branch[edit]

Tasmania Scouts Australia.svg
Owner Scouts Australia
Headquarters Lea Scout Centre
Location Kingston, Tasmania
Country Australia
Founded 1921
Founder The Boy Scouts Association of the United Kingdom
 Scouting portal


Scouts Australia, Tasmanian Branch is organised around several Scout Districts:[4]

  • Clarence
  • Hellyer
  • Huon
  • Kingborough
  • Launceston and Tamar
  • Leven
  • Mersey
  • North Midlands
  • Wellington

and a District for Distant Groups.

The main adult training centre is the Lea Scout Centre, 8 km from Hobart. It also houses the Branch Headquarters and the Tasmanian Scout Heritage Centre opened in 1997. There are several other Activity Centres throughout the State.

Notably Personalities[edit]

Captain Dennis Colbron Pearse, was Assistant Commandant at the Humshaugh Camp run by the publishers of The Scout magazine, C. Arthur Pearson Limited, in England in 1908. Pearse was an working for Pearsons as an illustrator. Pearse moved to Tasmania in 1922 and was involved in Scouting for the rest of his life. In 1922, he was Publicity Manager for The Boy Scouts Association, Tasmanian Branch. In 1926 he was Assistant Chief Commissioner and welcomed Baden-Powell, the Chief Scout of The Boy Scouts Association, to Tasmania.[5]

Girl Guides Tasmania[edit]

Girl Guides Tasmania is divided into 7 Regions [6]

  • Greater Northern
  • Tamar Valley
  • Hartz
  • Hobart
  • North West
  • South East
  • Upper Derwent

Guides Tasmania has two camp sites, Nindethana by the Tamar River near Launceston and Orana 20 km from Hobart.[7]

Gang Shows[edit]

  • Hobart Gang Show started in 1956; in recess between 1971 and 1990, located in Hobart, Tasmania.[8]


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