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IndustryOnline 3D printing service
Founded(2009 (2009))
FoundersEric Carreel
Clément Moreau
Jacques Lewiner
HeadquartersVillejuif, France

Sculpteo is a French company specialized in 3D printing[1] in the cloud.[2] Sculpteo offers an online 3D printing service, using rapid prototyping and a manufacturing process [3] involving laser sintering or stereo lithography. The company was founded in June 2009 by Eric Carreel (co-founder of Inventel,[4] acquired by Technicolor in 2005,[5] and Withings), Clement Moreau [6] and Jacques Lewiner. Sculpteo offers online printing services, particularly in Europe and North America[7]


Sculpteo offers an online 3D printing service for professionals and individuals.[8] From a 3D file, Sculpteo manufactures real objects such as interior decoration, figurines, robots, miniatures, scale models...[9] It also gives access to a 3D design market. Since 2012, Sculpteo offers mobile applications which can generate 3D files and order their manufacture directly from the smartphone.[10] With its offer of 3D printing for professionals as well as for the general public, Sculpteo gives individuals access to 3D printing in an original form which integrates professional designers in the chain of production.[11]

History and background[edit]

  • March 2016, a partnership with Carbon allows Sculpteo to offer the 3D printing technology "CLIP".[12][13]
  • January 2016, Sculpteo launches a new material for additive manufacturing that is more flexible than the others TPU. Several branches are targeted, such as medical branch and the fashion industry.[14]
  • November 2015, the computer Sprout by HP integrates the 3D printing service of Sculpteo.[15]
  • April 2015, Sculpteo announces a 5 million euros fundraising thanks to Creadev, investment fund of Mulliez family, and Xange, well known investor.[16]
  • January 2015, at Consumer Electronics Show, Sculpteo reveals FinalProof, a tool that allows users to apprehend the final result of the object file before printing.
  • November 2014, Sculpteo launches a free service named "Thickening" aimed to reinforce the robustness of fragile parts without having to use a modelling software.[17]
  • June 2014, Sculpteo continues its pursuit in democratizing 3D technology: the company integrats its printing service in the Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud thus rendering the process of 3D manufacture more simple.[18]
  • May 2014, Sculpteo seeks to reduce 3D printing costs and material squandering by optimizing the quantity of used material. In this light, the company launches a free service named "Hollowing".[19] The same month, designers conceive innovative 3D objects that Amazon, in partnership with Sculpteo, proposes in a dedicated online store opened in July 2014.[20]
  • January 2014, at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, Sculpteo unveils "3D Batch Control", a cloud 3D printing service designed for professionals and businesses in need of short-run manufacturing. It allows users to upload a 3D file, change the size and dimensions of the object directly within the browser, select a printing material and order their design to be 3D printed and shipped.[21]
  • Late 2013, La Poste launches a 3D printing service in post offices, in partnership with Sculpteo.
  • March 2013, Sculpteo commercializes Lighting plug connectors manufactured in 3D printing.[22]
  • December 2012, Sculpteo raises 2 million euros thanks to XAnge, branch of the French bank Banque Postale, business angels and founders.[23]
  • September 2012, Sculpteo launches 3DPCase, the first smartphone app able to generate the 3D file of an iPhone case directly from the smartphone. For the app, Sculpteo is granted the Prize of Best Innovator at CES 2013.[24] This new approach of unit production highlights the flexibility of the online 3D manufacturing process and allows the company to commercialize iPhone 5 cases before the launch of the iPhone 5.[25][26][27]
  • January 2012, Sculpteo launches the 3D printing Cloud Engine and the Sculpteo app at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The app transforms human data into a 3D printed object using an iOS device.[28]
  • June 2011, Sculpteo and 3DVIA announce a direct printing service provided by Sculpteo via the 3Dvia portal.[29][30]
  • March 2011, Sculpteo launches Pro.Sculpteo, an online 3D printing service for professionals.[31]
  • January 2011, Sculpteo launches their online 3D printing service for the general public[32] by allowing users to make your own avatar from simple 2D photos modeled in 3D.[33]
  • The company is created in June 2009.[34]



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