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Jacques Lewiner, born in 1943 is a French physicist and inventor. He is Professor and Honorary Scientific Director of École supérieure de physique et de chimie industrielles de la ville de Paris (ESPCI ParisTech).

Jacques Lewiner has carried out basic and applied research in various domains of Physics.[1] After his PhD he taught at Catholic University of America and specialized in the study of the electrical properties of solid matter. Back in France he was nominated Professor in charge of the Electromagnetism Chair[2] at ESPCI ParisTech where Georges Charpak arrived in 1980. In 1987 Pierre-Gilles de Gennes asks him to become Scientific Director of ESPCI ParisTech, a position he will keep until 2001.

His works have been devoted to electrical insulators and particularly electrets, instrumentation and sensors, for instance in medical imaging, or on the improvement of telecommunication networks.

Jacques Lewiner has filed a large number of patent applications leading to industrial development, either through licenses granted to industrial companies or through start-up companies often created with former students or researchers. He has participated in the creation of various technology oriented start up companies, for instance Inventel, specializing in Telecommunications, Finsécur[3] which develops and markets fire detection systems, Sculpteo which is an online 3D printing platform, Roowin[4] in the field of chemical synthesis and Cynove in embedded electronics devices. Most of these companies have experienced a strong growth. For instance Inventel, which was the French leader for multimedia gateways was bought by Thomson SA in 2005.[5]

Jacques Lewiner is laureate of the French Academy of Sciences in 1990, Knight in the National Order of the Legion of Honor, member of the French Academy of Technologies[6] since 2005 and Honorary Fellow of the Technion.[7]


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