Sea Princesses

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Sea Princesses
Sea princesses.jpg
Created byFábio Yabu
Opening themeSea Princesses Theme
Odoru PonPocoPon! by E-Girls
Ending themeSea Princesses Theme
Country of originBrazil
United Kingdom
Original language(s)Portuguese
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes104
Running time15 minutes
Production company(s)Southern Star Entertainment
Neptuno Films Production
Flamma Films
Original networkDiscovery Family
Discovery Kids
Original release2007 – 2010

Sea Princesses (known as Princesas do Mar in Brazil) is a series of children's books created by the Brazilian writer and cartoonist Fábio Yabu. The first book was released in 2004 by publisher Panda Books; due to its success, three other books were made.

In 2007 it was adapted into an Australian-Spanish-Brazilian cartoon produced by the Spanish studio Neptuno Films and the Australian distributor Southern Star Entertainment. It was broadcast in 50 countries[citation needed] including France on Piwi+, Germany on KiKa, Spain on Disney Junior, Portugal on RTP2 ZigZag and United Kingdom on Disney Junior & Tiny Pop.


The stories are in the world of Salacia, a hidden kingdom under the sea, full of princes and princesses from different animal species. Fearing an inevitable conflict with the people of Terra Firma, the kings and queens of the sea forbid their daughters and sons to have any contact with the surface people who are completely unaware of the existence of Salacia. Three princesses, the show's protagonists, live, go to school and play together as friends: Polvina, the Octopus Kingdom princess; Tubarina, the Shark Kingdom princess and Ester, the Starfish Kingdom princess living unraveling the mysteries of Salacia.


  • Polvina (Pulpita in European Spanish and Pulpina in Latin Spanish) - She is the Princess of the Octopus. Pulpita is a quiet and peaceful girl, timid as octopuses. Her best friends are Esther and Tubarina, who always live great adventures. She is voiced by Isabella Dunwill.[1]
  • Ester (Estella in European Spanish) - She is the Princess of the Starfish, and best friend of Pulpita. She usually attends the Palace of the Octopus from time to time, especially after school and on weekends. Esther is a very curious girl, loves to read and watch documentaries on television. She dreams to know the Mainland and also the Star-heaven.[2] She is voiced by Katherine Cohn Beck.
  • Tubarina (Tiburina in European and Latin Spanish) - She is the Princess of the Sharks, and daughter of one of the most powerful men in Salacia, King Shark. Tubarina is very ingenious, and disagrees with the common stereotype that sharks are evil.[3] She is voiced by Paige Walker.
  • Marcelo - He is the Prince of Hammerhead Sharks, and cousin to Tubarina. He moved to Castle Sharks while her parents, the King and Queen Hammerhead, make an important trip. Marcelo likes to tease girls and is always the first in sports competitions. Occasionally, he fights with Tubarina, but deep down they are like siblings.
  • Bia (Bea) - She is the princess of the Abyssal Kingdom, responsible for maintaining order in Beyondness sea and take care of the throne while her parents are travel throughout the kingdom. She carries a scepter of light and unlike the other princesses only study the night school of the sea. She is very fond of Polvina, Esther and Tubarina.
  • Hugo - Is the Prince of Turtles, heir to the throne with his twin sister, Tata. Like Tata, Hugo loves sports, especially the radicals. He is the best friend of Marcelo's cousin Tubarina, which always leads to their confusion.
  • Marli (Marley) - She is the Princess of Swordfish, an arrogant girl and rival to Esther, wanting to overcome her at school and at any activity. However she is a good girl despite all this. In the books she is basically the opposite being a shy, quiet girl. Her crown is a cheerful swordfish hooked in her hair.
  • Isa - The Princess of the Penguins. She is the only student from the School of the Sea which does not live underwater; she lives in the South Pole, the Kingdom of Penguins. Isa was afraid of water, but with the help of Santa Claus, she overcame her fear and today she wears a small fondly Santa-Claus helper hat on her crown.

TV series[edit]

The series made its debut in the United States on Discovery Familia. In Latin America, it is broadcast on Discovery Kids. In 2010, The series debuted on Nick Jr. in Australia before being re-run on free-to-air television by the Seven Network. It has been confirmed than the series will also debut on Treehouse. In 2017, The Series Debuted on Tiny Pop and Disney Junior in United Kingdom. In United States on Discovery Family.


Season 1

  1. Lost
  2. The Pearl
  3. The Boy
  4. The Golden Penguins
  5. The Royal Ball
  6. The Biggest Fish
  7. The Diary
  8. The Toy
  9. The Missing Crown
  10. The Babysitters
  11. The Return
  12. Homeless
  13. The Monster
  14. The Party
  15. Art
  16. The Picture
  17. The New Pet
  18. Stage Fright
  19. The Argument
  20. The Silence
  21. The Excuse
  22. The Race
  23. The Rescue
  24. Who's Who
  25. Sharing
  26. Tubarina Almighty
  27. The Ticklish Octopus
  28. Shooting Star
  29. The Trick
  30. The Big Game
  31. One Too Many
  32. The Hammerheads
  33. Big Brother
  34. The Lost Kingdom
  35. The Gift
  36. The Crush
  37. The Head Top
  38. The Dingleberry Mystery
  39. The Makeover
  40. The Doll
  41. Best Friends
  42. The New Teacher
  43. The Big Chill
  44. A Weighty Problem
  45. The Brave Turtle
  46. The Dare
  47. The Great Escape
  48. The Carnival
  49. The Missing Princess
  50. Lunch Power
  51. The Angel Fish
  52. Ester's Fear

Season 2

  1. The Matchmaker
  2. The New Princess
  3. The Dancing Princess
  4. Bad Vibrations
  5. Rumours
  6. Battle of the Bands
  7. The Runaway Grandmother
  8. The Bad Princess
  9. The Sick Dolphin
  10. Size Matters
  11. Polvina the Teacher
  12. The Pirates
  13. A Little Help
  14. A Big Mess
  15. Marcello's Friend
  16. The Mural
  17. The Forbidden Reef
  18. The Accident
  19. The Birds
  20. The Ring
  21. The Whale Watchers
  22. The Guardians
  23. Friends Forever
  24. The Secret Admirer
  25. Princess Poutalot
  26. The Piano Lesson
  27. Shark Love
  28. The Twins
  29. The Treasure
  30. The Giant Starfish
  31. Magic
  32. The Seaweed Potion
  33. The Itchy Wrists
  34. The Bite
  35. The Surprise Party
  36. Grow Up
  37. What's Cooking
  38. The Ester Breakout
  39. The Ungrateful Fish
  40. The Too-Playful Shark
  41. The Scare
  42. Deep Freeze
  43. The Sweet Talker
  44. The Sea Quake
  45. The Spidercrabs
  46. The True Princess
  47. The Crack of Doom
  48. The Healer
  49. The Guilty
  50. The Number Crunchers
  51. Beauty
  52. The Last One


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