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Official Seal of the City of Milwaukee.
Seal featured in WPA stained glass window.

The official seal of Milwaukee is a civic seal that displays various symbols of the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The first version of Milwaukee's seal was developed around the time of the city's incorporation in 1846 and was used on land deeds. The original seal, primarily depicting the city's first lighthouse, appears on at least one deed that predates the city's actual incorporation.

The seal was later revised to include other elements. At the center of the current version is a lighthouse scene showing a sunrise over Lake Michigan. This image is surrounded by seven stars and an abbreviation for Wisconsin, WIS. Other images on the seal are a railroad train, the original city hall, a steamboat, and a house. The words CITY OF MILWAUKEE appear at the top of the outer circle, and INCORPORATED JAN. 31 1846 appears at the bottom.

In the 1930s a stained glass version of the seal was created as part of the Works Progress Administration, and in 1978 this piece of public art was restored and placed inside the Common Council chamber.


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