Seal of Palau

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Seal of Palau
Seal of Palau.svg
Armiger Republic of Palau
Escutcheon a disk shows the traditional Bai, a meeting-house, stands on sixteen stones and the flag on the flagstaff with the Name of the Emblem itself: "OFFICIAL SEAL" and the year "1981" under the stones
Other elements the Bai is surrounded by two names: in above, the Name of the National Congress of Palau, known as: "OLBIIL ERA KELULAU" (In Palauan for, "THE HOUSE OF THE WHISPERED DECISIONS") and the Name of the State in below

The Seal of Palau depicts a traditional meeting center. The executive seal, used by overseas missions and by the nation's president, is also of a similar design.

The seal also resembles the seal of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, the governing body which formerly controlled Palau.