Sebastián de la Cuadra, 1st Marquis of Villarías

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Sebastián de la Cuadra
Marqués de Villarías
Caballero de Santiago
Sebastian de la Cuadra.jpg
First Secretary of State
In office
26 November 1736 – 4 December 1746
Monarch Philip V
Ferdinand VI
Preceded by José Patiño
Succeeded by José de Carvajal
Personal details
Born 20 January 1687
San Julián de Musques, Spain
Died April 9, 1766(1766-04-09) (aged 79)
Madrid, Spain

Sebastián de la Cuadra y Llarena, 1st Marquis of Villarías (20 January 1687 – 9 April 1766) was a Spanish statesman. He served as Chief Minister during between 1736 and 1746 during the reign of Philip V of Spain.

He became in 1719 the Mayor of Muskiz, a Basque town exploiting iron ores and local smelters, having two himself, one working as early as the 15th century, Knight of the Military Order of Santiago Santiago in 1730 (sig. 2239). Secretary of State in 1731, and as from 1741 controlling also the Area of Justice. For much of this late period in office, Spain was involved in the War of Jenkins' Ear with Britain and the War of the Austrian Succession in Italy. He was replaced by José de Carvajal y Lancáster in December 1746. For his service he was made Marqués de Villarías by King Philip V of Spain on 22 March 1739, an honour awarded sometimes either to outgoing First Ministers or during their tenure.

He was a co-founder of the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando in 1744.


He died, no issue, on 9 April 1766. The 2nd Marquis of Villarías was his brother, Agustín de la Cuadra y de Llarena, (5 November 1679 - married 17 December 1709 to Andresa Manuela de Mollinedo.

Agustin and Sebastian had a sister, Francisca de la Cuadra y de Llarena, born also in San Julián de Musques on 13 October 1697. She married Simon de Llano y Musquez on 16 February 1716; they had 8 children. Among their children were:

Isabel Parreño Arce, (1751 - 1823), wife of Spanish diplomat Jose Agustín de Llano y de la Cuadra. Painted around 1770 by Danish-German painter Anton Raphael Mengs (1728 - 1779). Oil on canvas, 250 x 148 cm. Museo de la Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Madrid, Spain

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Political offices
Preceded by
José Patiño
First Secretary of State
Succeeded by
José de Carvajal
Spanish nobility
New title Marquis of Villarías
Succeeded by
Agustín de la Cuadra