Sector 27

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Sector 27
Background information
Origin London, England
Genres Punk rock, new wave
Years active 1979–1981
Labels Panic, Fontana, I.R.S., Rocket
Associated acts Tom Robinson Band
Members Tom Robinson
Stevie Blanchard
Jo Burt
Derek Quinton

Sector 27 is a defunct British new wave band founded in 1979 by Tom Robinson. Their 1980 debut album, Sector 27, was produced by Steve Lillywhite. Robinson subsequently left the band, and it continued without him for a number of years. Sector 27 toured with Elton John and The Police.


Tom Robinson formed the band in late 1979 as an effort to begin a new direction. The band made its debut in Liverpool on 11 January 1980. The band released its first records on its own label, Panic Records. Later releases were on Fontana Records. The band was released in the US on I.R.S. Records. The first LP was produced by Steve Lillywhite.

After Robinson and Derek Quinton had left, the band released a single and 12" on Rocket Records: "Excalibur" (1984), produced by Phil Harding.


  • Tom Robinson - vocals, guitar
  • Stevie B. (Blanchard) - guitar, vocals
  • Jo Burt - bass, vocals
  • Derek Quinton - drums
  • Martin "Red" Broad - drums (1984, after Robinson and Quinton had left)


  • July 1980 – 7" single, "Not Ready" / "Can't Keep Away"
  • October 1980 – 7" single, "Invitation: What Have We Got to Lose?" / "Dungannon"
  • November 1980 – LP, Sector 27 Fontana 6359 039 [1]
  • January 1981 – 7" single, "Total Recall" / "Stornoway"
  • May 1981 – 7" single, "Martin's Gone" / "Christopher Calling"
  • 1984 – 12" single, "Excalibur" / "How I Feel" / "Christopher Calling"


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