Sejuta Cinta Marshanda

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Sejuta Cinta Marshanda
Created by SinemArt
Written by Rafka Ahmad
Dewi Sita
Directed by Lono Abdul Ahmad
Theme music composer ST 12
Opening theme Sejuta Cinta, Marshanda
Ending theme Sejuta Cinta, Marshanda
Composer(s) ST 12
Country of origin Indonesia Indonesia
Original language(s) Bahasa Indonesia
No. of episodes 71
Producer(s) Leo Sutanto
Location(s) Jakarta
Running time 1 hour 30 minutes
Production company(s) SinemArt
Distributor SinemArt
Original network RCTI
Picture format 480i Standard Definition Television (SDTV)
First shown in May 31, 2010
Original release May 31 – August 2, 2010

Sejuta Cinta Marshanda is a television drama that aired on RCTI and TV3 in Indonesia. Actors include Marshanda, Baim Wong, Ashraf Sinclair, Ben Kasyafani, Tsania Marwa, Ibnu Jamil, Putri Patricia, Wilda Hamid, Meriam Bellina, Annie Anwar, and Vicky Burky.


  • Marshanda as Marshanda/Chaca
  • Baim Wong as Delvin
  • Ashraf Sinclair as Aben
  • Alice Norin as Merry
  • Ben Kasyafani as Ben
  • Tsania Marwa as Marshella/Sheila
  • Ibnu Jamil as Romy
  • Putri Patricia as Vivi
  • Wilda Hamid as Vika
  • Meriam Bellina as Anita
  • Vicky Burky as Farah
  • Lulu Kurnia as Asri
  • Annie Anwar as Diana
  • Rommy Sulastyo as Ardi
  • Leily Sagita as Neni
  • Riza Shahab as Akbar
  • Magdalena as Della

Characters and relatives[edit]

Character Relatives
Marshanda/Caca Delvin's lover; is often misunderstood by Abel
Asri's adopted child
Romi's brother
Ben and Merry's best friend
Sheila's twin brother
Daughter of Lukman and Anita (formerly called Emily)
Delvin Chaca's lover
Son of Farah and Ardi
Abel's brother
Sella's fiancee
Abel Son of Ardi and Diana
Delvin's brother
Always fighting with Chaca
Marshella/Sheila Chaca's twin brother
Daughter of Anita and Lukman
Delvin's fiancee
Ben Chaca's best friend
Romi Chaca's brother
Asri's adopted child
Vivi's husband
Vivi Romi's wife
Chaca's brother-in-law
Asri's daughter-in-law
Asri Romi and Chaca's adoptive mother
Vivi's in-law
Lukman's sister
Anita's sister-in-law
Farah, Diana, and Ardi's best friend
Farah Delvin's mother
Ardi's wife
Asri and Diana's best friend
Diana Abel's mother
Ardi's wife
Farah and Asri's best friend
Neni's daughter
Ardi Abel and Delvin's father
Diana and Farah's husband
Neni Diana's mother
Ardi's in-law
Abel's grandmother
Anita Marshanda and Marshella's mother
Asri's brother-in-law
Lukman's ex-wife
Lukman Marshanda and Marshella's father
Anita's ex-husband
Asri's brother
Diana's attorney


  • Theme Song: Sejuta Cinta Marshanda
  • Singer: Marshanda
  • Songwriter: Charly van Houten (ST 12's vocalist)
  • Story/script: Rafka Ahmad
  • Director: Lono Abdul Hamid
  • Supervision: Maruli Ara
  • Assistant Publisher: Heru Hendriyarto
  • Publisher: Leo Sutanto
  • Company: Sinemart
  • TV channel: RCTI, TV3 (Malaysian)