Sending Out An S.O.S.

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"Sending Out An S.O.S."
Single by Retta Young
B-side "Sending Out An S.O.S." (Instr)
Released 1975 (1975)
Format 7" 45 RPM single
Genre Disco
Label All Platinum AP-2355
  • D. Lenier
  • A. Landon
Retta Young singles chronology
"Sending Out An S.O.S."
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"Sending Out An S.O.S." "You Beat Me To The Punch"

"Sending Out An S.O.S." was a disco hit for singer Retta Young in 1975. It charted in the US and the UK where it did better. It is considered a classic Disco song.


In The US, the record was released on All Platinum AP 2355. In Australia, The Netherlands and Germany it was released on the Philips label.[1] It debuted for the week ending May 31, 1975.[2] It Peaked at No. 88 on the U.S. R&B charts and No. 28 in the U.K.[3] For the week ending June 14, 1975 "Sending Out An S.O.S." was rated No.9 for The Top Audience Response In N.Y. Discos. No. 3 was "The Hustle" by Van McCoy, No. 2 was "El Bimbo" by Bimbo Jet and No. 1 was "Free Man" by South Shore Commission. Colony Records had it at No. 7 and Downstairs Records had it at No 1.[4]

The song was also covered by South African artist Jonathan Butler and appeared as the B side of his "I'll Be Home" single which was released on the Bullet label in 1976.[5][6]


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