Senkom Mitra Polri

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Senkom Mitra Polri
Abbreviation Senkom Mitra Polri
Motto "Penetrating Distance Without Limits"
Formation January 1, 2004
Legal status Non-Governmental Organization
Purpose Social and security public order
Headquarters DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Indonesia
Region served
2 million
Official language
Website Situs resmi
Remarks Senkom Mitra Polri/Police Senkom Partners is one of the NGOs are aware that security and order established by members of the Police Headquarters Kamtibmas Partners

Senkom Mitra Polri ("Senkom Police Partners") are groups in Indonesia that inform and assist the country's security forces and provide information to the public about national security issues.

History of Police Approving Senkom Partners[edit]

Senkom Mitra Polri is a non-government organization established by members of the Partners, Kamtibmas Police Headquarters, on January 1, 2004, in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Scope and Activities[edit]

As a police partner, Senkom coordinates and provides information to the legal authorities of either the central government, local government, or the military police about security or public order disturbances, matters of national stability, and any natural disasters occurring in areas where Senkom members are located.

Senkom Mitra Polri's activities include:

  • Monitoring the weather, traffic, situation reports by the Kamtibmas.
  • Cooperating with the government agencies in training and socialization of human resources.
  • Providing hands-on service and communications assistance in the event of disasters, accidents, and safety demonstrations.

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