Sepehr Tower

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Sepehr Tower
Sepehr Tower in Tehran Sunrise-View From Laleh International Hotel.jpg
Sepehr Tower was the tallest tower at the time in Iran
General information
Status Complete
Type Office building
Location Tehran, Iran
Coordinates 35°42′22″N 51°25′38″E / 35.70611°N 51.42722°E / 35.70611; 51.42722Coordinates: 35°42′22″N 51°25′38″E / 35.70611°N 51.42722°E / 35.70611; 51.42722
Roof 115.0 m (377 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 33
Floor area 55,000 m2 (590,000 sq ft)

Sepehr Tower (Persian: برج سپهر‎‎) is a 115 metre high building in Tehran, Iran.[2] Sepehr Tower was Tehran's tallest building at the time of its building at 33 floors. It is located in Somayyeh St. close to the junction of Taleghani Ave and Dr. Mofatteh Street at coordinates 35°42′22″N 51°25′38″E / 35.70611°N 51.42722°E / 35.70611; 51.42722.

The construction of the Tower was delayed for years due to the 1979 revolution. It now houses the head offices of Saderat Bank of Iran.[3]


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