Seraa Ala El Remal

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Seraa Ala El Remal
Also known as 'Wars on Sand
Conflict on the Sand'
Genre Telenovela
Created by Hani Saadi
Written by Hani Saadi
Directed by Hatem Ali
Country of origin Syria
Original language(s) Arabic
No. of seasons 1
Location(s) Dubai
Cinematography M. Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed
Editor(s) Essam Sayda
Camera setup Digital 970
Production company(s) Dubai Media
Original network Dubai TV
Original release Ramadan 2008

Seraa Ala El Remal ("Wars on Sand," also known as "Conflict on the Sand") is a Syrian Arab soap opera/telenovela first aired on Dubai TV during Ramadan 2008. It was written by Palestinian writer Hani Saadi, directed by Hatem Ali, and produced by Dubai Media.[1]


Seraa Ala El Remal chronicles the lives of around Arab Bedouin in the desert during the early eighteenth century, weaving the fates of different people gathered by love and dispersed by the war, with stories of love and horsemanship, loyalty, betrayal and revenge.

The most expensive Arabic TV series ever, the estimated cost to produce Seraa Ala El Remal was $6 million. It was filmed from October 2007 through February 2008 in Dubai, Morocco and Syria, with sites including Palmyra in Syria and Ouarzazate in Morocco.


From Syria:

  • Muna Wassef
  • Taim Hasan
  • Abdul Munim al-Ameri
  • Abdel Rahman Abu Kassim
  • Bassel Khayyat
  • Rana white
  • Safa Sultan
  • Joseph Nashef
  • Countries Sammour
  • Khalid Center
  • Rana Gajmoula
  • Luma Ibrahim
  • Jaber Joukdar
  • Adham GUIDE
  • Muhannad Qatish
  • Mohammad Al bribes
  • Hassan flotation
  • Seif Eddin Subaie
  • Zinni sanctity

From Jordan:

  • Saba Mubarak
  • Nadia Odeh
  • Nidal Najem
  • Anahid Fayyad

From Morocco:

  • Mohamed Meftah