Sergei Gukov

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Sergei Gukov
Born (1977-04-00)April 1977
Moscow, Russian SFSR
Residence USA
Nationality Russian
Alma mater Princeton
Known for String theory, Gauge Theory, Quantum Gravity, Algebraic Geometry, Special Holonomy Manifolds, Arithmetic Geometry
Awards 1st Prize, USSR Physics Olympiad & Moscow Mathematics Olympiad (1992)
Pomeranchuk Award for Young Scientists (2000)
Clay Mathematics Institute Long Term Prize Fellowship (2001-2006)
Sloan Research Fellowship in Science & Technology (2007)
Scientific career
Fields Theoretical physics Mathematical Physics
Institutions Caltech, UCSB, KITP
Doctoral advisor Edward Witten

Sergei Gukov (Russian: Серге́й Гу́ков; born 1977) is a string theorist who is a professor of physics at Caltech and at UCSB (University of California Santa Barbara).

Gukov graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) in Moscow, Russia before obtaining a doctorate in physics from Princeton University under the supervision of Edward Witten.

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