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Serratula tinctoria
Serratula tinctoria.jpg
Scientific classification
S. tinctoria
Binomial name
Serratula tinctoria

Serratula tinctoria, commonly known as dyer's plumeless saw-wort[1] or saw-wort, is a species in the genus Serratula. It is a native of Europe and a thistle like flower head. It grows in moist soil, full sun to part shade,[2] and grows up to one metre tall.

This is an introduced plant in a small area of the northeastern United States, where it is called the Dyer's plumeless saw-wort.[1]

Flowers of Serratula tinctoria
Leaf of Serratula tinctoria
Serratula tinctoriaMHNT


Serratula tinctoria is the source of a yellow dye.[2] As a herbal preparation, the plant is thought to mend ruptures and wounds.[3]


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