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Industry Welding Automation
Founded Headquarters : SERVO-ROBOT Inc.
St-Bruno-de-Montarville, Quebec, Canada (1983 (1983))
Products Intelligent Robotic Sensing and Laser Vision Systems
Divisions SERVO-ROBOT Corp. WI, USA (1993 (1993))
SERVO-ROBOT Japan, Osaka (1994 (1994))
SERVO-ROBOT China, Beijing (2004 (2004)))
SERVO-ROBOT GmbH, Germany (2012 (2012))

SERVO-ROBOT Group is a company that develops and creates intelligent sensing and digital vision systems to simplify manufacturing process automation such as welding. Therefore, the main activity is to build intelligent sensing systems based on precision measurement with laser beams and other intelligent sensing devices applicable to various industries such as automotive, railroad, pipe and tube, aerospace, shipbuilding, fabricated structures, windmill towers manufacturing, etc.[1]

Founded in 1983, SERVO-ROBOT has established its world headquarters, production plant and research and development center in the St-Bruno Industrial Park, south of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. More than 95% of SERVO-ROBOT's products are exported outside of Canada every year.


Innovations developed in patents mentioned in the above section resulted in concrete solutions easily applicable to markets ranging from automotive to aerospace which has helped many companies [2] and factories to become more productive and reach their Six Sigma constant improvements goals.

Aircraft & Aerospace Automotive Construction
Welding automation:
- Jet engine exhaust turbine blades
- Turbo prop engine casing
Robotic measurement of wings for machining operation
Robotic joining of body components
- Suspension member
- Frame assembly, chassis
- Laser-brazed roof-pillar junction
LWB applications
Tracking for complex 3D weld seam
Blank palletizing/ de-palletizing
Welding automation:
- Pipe steel structural components
- Bridge structural components
- Aluminum concrete form
Inspection of offshore oil-ring platform
Earth Moving Equipment Railroad Shipbuilding [3]
Welding automation:
- Heavy machinery weldments
On-Site quality control of weld bead geometry and dimensions
Welding automation:
- Wagon bogie
- Aluminum passenger cars
- Panel lines
Welding automation:
- Ship Stiffeners
- Submarines
- Panel lines
Tank & Vessel Tube & Pipe Windmill Tower
Welding automation:
- Water heater tanks
- Aluminum fuel tanks
- Stainless steel tanks
Inspection of leak sensitive gas tanks
Pressure Vessels
Welding automation:
- U-O pipe
- Spiral pipe
- High-speed pipeline welding machines
Quality control of weld beads
Tracking for ultrasonic testing
Pipe diameter measurement
Roll formed tube longitudinal weld seam tracking
Outside circumferential weld seam tracking and adaptive control
Inside circumferential weld seam tracking and adaptive control


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