Seven Swordsmen

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Seven Swordsmen
Seven Swordsmen.jpg
DVD cover art
Also known as Seven Swords of Mount Heaven
Traditional 七劍下天山
Simplified 七剑下天山
Mandarin Qī Jiàn Xià Tiān Shān
Literally Seven Swords Descend from Mount Heaven
Genre Wuxia
Based on Saiwai Qixia Zhuan and Qijian Xia Tianshan
by Liang Yusheng
Screenplay by Li Changfu
Directed by Clarence Fok
Presented by Zhu Tong
Ma Zhongjun
Deng Fan
Tie Fo
Starring Vincent Zhao
Wang Xuebing
Ray Lui
Ada Choi
Qiao Zhenyu
Li Xiaoran
Wang Likun
Opening theme Ayiyahei (阿伊呀嘿) performed by Wang Yong and Yu Jiangying
Ending theme Kong Chuan (空船) performed by Ke Yimin
Country of origin China
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 34
Executive producer(s) Tsui Hark
Tie Fo
Producer(s) Ma Zhongjun
Wang Yong
Wu Libo
Location(s) China
Running time 45 minutes per episode
Production company(s) Ciwen Pictures
First shown in March 2006 (China)
20 July 2006 (Hong Kong)

Seven Swordsmen is a 2006 Chinese television series directed by Clarence Fok and produced by Tsui Hark. The series is loosely adapted from Liang Yusheng's wuxia novels Qijian Xia Tianshan and Saiwai Qixia Zhuan. It is also the television series counterpart to the 2005 film Seven Swords, which was also directed and produced by Tsui Hark. This series was originally planned to be the first season of a longer television series but the project seems to have been abandoned.


In the mid-17th century, the Manchus conquer the territories of the fallen Ming Empire and establish the Qing Empire. Out of fear that the wulin (martial artists' community) will pose a threat to them, the Qing government forbids the common people from practising martial arts and possessing weapons. Prince Dokado, a Manchu noble, leads an army to eliminate those who defy the order. Dokado and his men kill many martial artists before assaulting Martial Village, which houses rebels from the Red Spears Society, an anti-Qing resistance movement. Two young villagers, Han Zhibang and Wu Yuanying, break out of the siege and follow Fu Qingzhu, a former executioner seeking to redeem himself, to Mount Heaven to seek help from Master Huiming, a reclusive martial artist and sword forger.

Huiming allows his four apprentices – Chu Zhaonan, Yang Yuncong, Xin Longzi and Mulang – to join Fu Qingzhu, Han Zhibang and Wu Yuanying on their quest to save the wulin from the Qing government's persecution. Each of the seven men receives a special sword from Huiming. They call themselves "Seven Swords".

The Seven Swords return in the nick of time and save the villagers from Qing forces attacking them. To avoid Dokado and his troops, the Seven Swords and the villagers flee into the mountains and hide inside a cave system. However, they soon discover that Dokado has planted a spy among them. The spy poisons their water supply, attempts to destroy their escape route, and frames Yang Yuncong for the deed. After escaping from the caves, the Seven Swords agree to split up for one year to avoid trouble. Han Zhibang and Mulang remain with the villagers, while Fu Qingzhu, Xin Longzi and Wu Yuanying go to the imperial capital to assassinate the Qing emperor.

In the meantime, Chu Zhaonan falls into a trap and gets captured by Fenghuo Liancheng, a ruthless Manchu general. He falls in love with Fenghuo Liancheng's slave, Lüzhu, but their romance ends in tragedy when she sacrifices herself to help him escape. Chu Zhaonan slays Fenghuo Liancheng and ventures far into western China, where he encounters Yang Yuncong. The two swordsmen join the Desert Eagles, an anti-Qing tribal group led by the legendary heroine Feihongjin.

During a battle against Qing forces, Yang Yuncong is wounded but is saved and nursed back to health by Nalan Minghui, a Qing general's daughter. They fall in love despite standing on opposing sides, but are not fated to be together as Nalan Minghui's father has arranged for her to marry Dokado. However, Nalan Minghui is already pregnant with Yang Yuncong's child and she gives birth to a baby girl later.

In the imperial capital, Fu Qingzhu, Xin Longzi and Wu Yuanying sneak into the palace and attempt to assassinate the Shunzhi Emperor. They end up saving the emperor from a coup staged by some nobles. In Hangzhou, Han Zhibang becomes the new leader of the Red Spears Society for his heroic actions in rescuing his comrades who were captured by Qing forces.

Following the reunion of the Seven Swords, Chu Zhaonan pretends to defect to the enemy in the hope of finding an opportunity to get close to Dokado and assassinate him. Chu Zhaonan's plan ultimately fails because Dokado sees through his ruse and manipulates him into committing atrocities against his own will. The rebels and the other six swordsmen become increasingly suspicious of where Chu Zhaonan's true allegiance lies.

Eventually, to prove his loyalty, Chu Zhaonan challenges Dokado to a battle on the banks of the Qiantang River and asks the other swordsmen to join him. Although the battle concludes with Dokado's defeat, it also causes the dissolution of the Seven Swords. Yang Yuncong is killed in action; Xin Longzi goes missing after entering a fit of insanity; Mulang returns to Mount Heaven in shame with Yang Yuncong's infant daughter after carelessly allowing the enemy to infiltrate the rebels' hideout; Chu Zhaonan is so deeply traumatised by the devastating experiences he went through that he abandons his fellows along with his conscience. While Fu Qingzhu and Wu Yuanying search for their missing comrades, Han Zhibang stays behind to help the surviving rebels rebuild their forces.

List of episodes[edit]

# Rough translation of title (in English) Original title (in Chinese)
1 Swordsmen from Mount Heaven 天山剑客
2 The Seven Swords 七剑
3 The Battle of Boye 决战博野
4 Yufang is Poisoned 郁芳中毒
5 The Real and Fake Secret Passage 真假秘道
6 The Transience's True Character 青干本色
7 Mulang's Blood 穆郎的血
8 The Sorrowful Dragon 悲情由龙
9 Green Pearl is Heartless 绿珠无情
10 Yufang's Wedding 郁芳婚礼
11 The Desert Eagles 沙漠之鹰
12 Flying Shadows of Red Sash 飞影红巾
13 The Transience and the Dragon 青干由龙
14 Chivalrous Bones and Tender Feelings 侠骨柔情
15 Nalan Minghui 纳兰明慧
16 Children in a Chaotic World 乱世儿女
17 A Sacrifice to End the War 止战之殇
18 Iron Blood and Loyal Heart 铁血丹心
19 Shadows of Heroes in the Capital 京城侠影
20 Dokado's Contest for Power 多格多争霸
21 Ten Days Siege 十日围城
22 Meeting of Dragons and Tigers 龙虎会
23 Gathering of Heroes 聚义风云
24 The Mystery of the Tangerine Orchard 桔园之谜
25 The Sun and Moon and the Deity 日月舍神
26 Guild Master Han Zhibang 舵主韩志邦
27 Turmoil in Hangzhou 杭州风暴
28 Crisis in Lantern Street 灯笼坊风暴
29 Pretending to Surrender to Dokado 诈降多格多
30 The Dragon Changes Colour 变色由龙
31 Two Irreconcilable Powers 势不两立
32 Minghui's Grand Wedding 明慧大婚
33 The Breaking 决裂
34 The Battle of the Qiantang River 决战钱塘江


  • Vincent Zhao as Chu Zhaonan, the wielder of the Dragon.
  • Wang Xuebing as Yang Yuncong, the wielder of the Transience.
  • Ji Chunhua as Xin Longzi, the wielder of the Star Chasers.
  • Qiao Zhenyu as Mulang, the wielder of the Sun and Moon.
  • Zhang Bo as Han Zhibang, the wielder of the Deity.
  • Sang Weilin as Wu Yuanying, the wielder of the Heaven's Fall.
  • Yu Chenghui as Fu Qingzhu, the wielder of the Unlearnt.
  • Ray Lui as Dokado, a Manchu prince and the primary antagonist in the story.
  • Ada Choi as Feihongjin (Flying Red Sash), the leader of the Desert Eagles.
  • Li Xiaoran as Nalan Minghui, Nalan Xiuji's daughter and Yang Yuncong's love interest.
  • Wang Likun as Liu Yufang, Liu Jingyi's daughter.
  • Bryan Leung as Liu Jingyi, the chief of Martial Village.
  • Askar Maimaiti as Ai'erjiang, a singer and Feihongjin's ex-lover.
  • Sun Feifei as Dong Xiaowan, Mao Pijiang's wife who was forced to be the Shunzhi Emperor's concubine.
  • Edell Aidai as Lüzhu (Green Pearl), a slave girl who becomes Chu Zhaonan's first love.
  • Eryang as Nalan Xiuji, a Manchu general.
  • Xu Xiangdong as Niuhuru, Dokado's mentor.
  • Sun Jiankui as Qi Zhenjun, a swordsman hired by Dokado to fight the Seven Swords.
  • Tan Kai as Fenghuo Liancheng (Fire Wind Linked Cities), a Manchu general and former baturu.
  • Gao Lu as Chuntao, Nalan Minghui's servant.
  • Xie Zhenwei as the Shunzhi Emperor, the ruler of the Qing dynasty.
  • Dai Chunrong as Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang, the Shunzhi Emperor's mother.
  • Kent Tong as Aolong, an ambitious Manchu noble plotting to usurp the throne.
  • Guo Hongjie as Zhang Chengbin, Dokado's deputy.
  • Liu Tieyong as Zhang Kui, Dokado's deputy.
  • Zhang Xin as Qiu Dongluo, a spy planted in Martial Village by Dokado.
  • Wang Huarong as Zhang Huazhao, the oldest among the children of Martial Village.
  • Ma Ji as Gu Sandao, a member of Martial Village.
  • Chen Zhou as Zhang Laifu, a member of Martial Village.
  • Zheng Li as Zhou Chaotai, a member of Martial Village.
  • Zhou He as Shao Zhanpeng, a member of Martial Village.
  • Milading as Ailike, the second-in-command of the Desert Eagles.
  • Dilireba'ao as Manlingna, Kelimu's wife.
  • Ma Jingwu as Reverend Huiming (Master Shadow Glow), a reclusive swordsman and sword forger.
  • Zhu Feng as Mao Pijiang, Dong Xiaowan's husband.
  • Wang Xinfen as the White Haired Demoness, Feihongjin's master and Reverend Huiming's ex-lover.
  • Yuan Bin as Xinhen (Cruel), one of the "Four Dangers of the Jianghu".
  • Huo Yaoliang as Shoula (Ruthless), one of the "Four Dangers of the Jianghu".
  • He Qing as Beibi (Despicable), one of the "Four Dangers of the Jianghu".
  • Wang Yong as Wuchi (Shameless), one of the "Four Dangers of the Jianghu".

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