Severny Island ice cap

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Severny Island ice cap
LocationSeverny Island,
Novaya Zemlya,
Russian Federation
Coordinates75°30′N 60°00′E / 75.500°N 60.000°E / 75.500; 60.000Coordinates: 75°30′N 60°00′E / 75.500°N 60.000°E / 75.500; 60.000
Area20,500 km2 (7,920 sq mi)
Length400 km (250 mi)
Width50 km (30 mi)

Severny Island ice cap is an ice cap on Severny Island, northern island of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago in Russia. It covers 40% of Severny Island (which is the 30th largest island in the world) at total area of approximately 20,500 km2 (7,900 sq mi) which, if Novaya Zemlya is considered within Europe, makes it the largest glacier by area in Europe ahead of Austfonna at 8,492 km2 (3,279 sq mi) and Vatnajökull at 8,100 km2 (3,100 sq mi).


A number of glaciers flow from the inner ice cap to Severny Island's coastline.

View of Inostrantsev Glacier (Lednik Inostrantseva). West coast.
NASA picture of Rozhdestvensky (left), Novopashenny (middle) and Roze glaciers of the Nordenskiöld Glacier group. East coast.

West coast[edit]

The following glaciers have their terminus on the coast of the Barents Sea.

East coast[edit]

The following glaciers have their terminus on the coast of the Kara Sea.

Other glaciers[edit]


Gora Severny Nunatak is a nunatak located in the northern section of the long ice cap not far from the western coast of the island.[3] Further to the northeast there is another nunatak between the two outlets of the Bunge Glacier.[4]

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