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A sex kitten is a woman[1] who exhibits a sexually provocative lifestyle or an abundant sexual aggression. The term originated around 1956[2] [3] in articles in the British and American press and was originally used to describe French actress Brigitte Bardot.[4][5] Sources believe Bardot's role in Et Dieu... créa la femme (And God Created Woman) was what inspired the term in the mid 1950s.[1]

The 1960s began the era of women embracing their sexuality after moving forward from the idea that women were very unlikely to experience pleasure during sexual activities.[6]

While sex kitten is still used in its original context, it has also slowly added the context of a sex role and type of fetish between two (or more) consenting adults.


Ann-Margret was described as a sex kitten in the 1964 film Kitten with a Whip.[7][8] But, other than Ann-Margret and Brigitte Bardot, the term wasn't associated with any other actresses in Hollywood.

Eartha Kitt, singer of the 1953 Christmas hit "Santa Baby", was also deemed a sex kitten due to some of the lyrics in her song.[1]

A sex kitten is not always youthful.[9] In various definitions, the sexual attractiveness of a woman is the primary factor of sex kittens, but that did not necessarily mean physical beauty.[1]

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