Sha Tau Kok River

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Sha Tau Kok River (Chinese: 沙頭角河; pinyin: Shātóujiǎo Hé; Hong Kong Hakka: Sa1tiu2gok5 Ho2), is a river between Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Along with Sham Chun River and Chung Ying Street,the river serves as the natural boundary between the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong and the Special Economic Zone of Shenzhen. It is situated at the northeastern corner of North District, Hong Kong and the southeastern corner of Shenzhen, Guangdong. It flows from its source at the Sham Chun River near Pak Kung Au and eastward into Starling Inlet, which is then connected to Mirs Bay.

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Coordinates: 22°32′30″N 114°07′50″E / 22.5416°N 114.1306°E / 22.5416; 114.1306