Shadows Alive

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Shadows Alive
Author Orson Scott Card
Country United States
Language English
Series Ender's Game series
Genre Science fiction
Publisher TBA
Publication date
Preceded by Children of the Mind, Shadows in Flight

Shadows Alive is a planned science fiction novel by Orson Scott Card in the Ender's Game series. It will link the Ender's Shadow books back to the Ender Saga.

Enderverse conclusion[edit]

Card has said that this final book will wrap up some of the plot threads left dangling in Shadow of the Giant (the fourth book in the Shadow series). The book will pick up from where Children of the Mind (the final book in the Ender series) left off.[1]

Connection to Shadows in Flight[edit]

This novel was originally set to be titled Shadows in Flight, but Card decided to swap titles with the intermediary fifth book in the Shadow series (released on January 17, 2012),[2] which serves as a bridge to the final book. The concluding events of Shadows in Flight were initially planned for the first chapter of Shadows Alive.[3]

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